Hudsonian Godwit. Meare Heath, Somerset, 2nd May 2015

News broke on this as i was in Ataturk airport in Istanbul, waiting to lead a week long tour of Georgia for Sunbird. The tour went well, and i made a point of not torturing myself and not checking birdguides for the entire week. I was so surprised and delighted to see that it was still there on May 2nd when i got back to Heathrow. The Somerset Levels are nearly on the way back home from London, so it was an easy decision to go for it. My first visit to the Levels in years, and what a superb place. Even though i just went straight to the Hudwit and spent about 90 mins with it, still had at least 2 Bitterns flying around! Need to go back there. Here is some rather dodgy video of the Hudwit. The 5th record for Britain, but only the 3rd individual. Really interesting to see the structural differences to Black-tailed Godwit, including the longer primary projection.

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