More Foula pics

Just some more random pics from Foula to entertain, enthrall and possibly bore.

Bill papping the Sykes’s Warbler, which is just visible on the grass.


The impressive North Bank. This is approx 200m high, and is just the beginning of Da Kame, the bottom half of which is just visible at the far end of the bank.

Da Sneck o Da Smaalie. Great for migrants and killing sheep.


The Gaada Stack, which is even more impressive in real life.

Goldcrest. I reckon that the Regulus must be one of the best genera going, but then i am a bit geeky.

See, mega little things

Jacko. I don’t think i ever knew that they had that saw-tooth trailing edge

Pied Flycatcher. One of the many 1st winters that show prominent tips to the median coverts,  this one also showing a decent sized primary patch. Not big enough though…

Same bird as above

Garry, Dan and Andrew Grieve building a dam and creating the Ristie Loch. Unfortunately, no birds were seen on the Loch before the lads left.

The Ristie Loch from above, prime wader habitat

Ristie Loch from just above Muckle Grind. Looks amazing for rares.

The only bird on the Loch in 2 weeks was this juv Long-tailed Duck.

Willow Warbler

Ham. One of the two best areas for migrants



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