Quick trip to the Broads

Having a few hours inbetween jobs back on Mar 8th, I decided to have a look around the Broads for a few hours with Rachel Coombes. After seeing the Lesser White-front back in Feb, a quick trip to the Hickling area was the order of the day. Never having been to Barton Broad, I was hoping for a skulky Fudge or Ring-necked Duck, but instead had to be content with a showy Marsh Tit.

 Moving on to Stubbs Mill, we only had to wait a short while before a flock of 4 Cranes flew north in front of us and landed out of view in the fields beynd the reedbed, while another pair were located on the ground out in the marsh.

But the unexpected treat of the afternoon was a close Short-eared Owl that quartered the marsh in front of the viewpoint. Unfortunately not close enough for great photos, but managed to get the odd pot shot nonetheless.

Not bad for a quick run around a couple of sites on the spur of the moment.


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