SInce news first broke of this on Feb 16th, bird nerds up and down the land like myself have been salivating at the prospect of seeing this little Canadian beauty. Myself, Nick Crouch and Carl Cornish (aka the Folkbirder from now on, just incase he ever gets himself a blog and calls it that) decided to play it cool and made the nice jaunt over to Wales this morning. Arriving on site, i must admit to being a little suprised at just how close many people were standing to the clump of brambles the bird was skulking in. Unsuprisingly, it didn’t come out. I don’t think it was bothered by the entourage, but it certainly wasn’t going to give great views with folks so close it. I should know, I tried going over there as well…

Over the course of the next few hours, it gave brief and mostly obstructed views as it did a small circuit of the large hedge and bramble patches it favoured today. Almost always on the floor, it could run mouse-like through the leaf litter and between grass tussocks. Eventually we all managed decent views, but these were achieved by standing back and scoping. I even managed a couple of quick videos at and  What a little cracker, and my first Yankee warbler in Britain. Happy days!

1 thought on “Yellowthroat!

  1. Very nice, Paul! A cool species to get as your first American warbler in Britain. Seen 7 species here, but, then, I am a dirty twitcher! 😉

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