Problem gull

No surprise there then. Many gulls can cause problems, but not all of them make you double take when they fly past and land on the small area of grass infront of you. This beast did such a thing in Highland the other week, and i think you’ll agree that there is a superficial resemblance to Slaty-backed Gull. Unfortunately, it is only a superficial resemblance. Primary pattern is wrong (although note the hint of “moons” inside the black tips), orbital ring colour is wrong and trailing edge to the secondaries is not broad enough, among other issues. So what was it? Hybrid Herring x Greater Black-back? Runt Greater Black-back? Answers on a postcard please.

1 thought on “Problem gull

  1. AS you well know Paul I’m no expert but go with the Herring Gull theory. I hate to think who the dominant parent was!

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