What more can you say really? Two Humpbacks have been seen regularly between Aberdeen and Collieston in NE Scotland since last autumn, and more info on this can be found at , especially the later posts. A twitch is definitely on the cards with these fantastic beasts, but I was incredibly lucky to get calm seas and a couple of breaches on Jan 28th. I only saw the one animal, and its clearly quite a young one, but it was very close inshore off the Ythan estuary mouth at Newburgh.

3 thoughts on “Humpback!!!!

  1. Hi, Fantastic pictures. I live in Collieston and had the pleasure of spotting these whales almost everyday for a month, but I am really envious of you getting to see them breach so spectacularly. Did you have a huge telephoto lens or was this animal quite close in?


  2. Thanks Iain. This is quite a young animal I think, and was very close inshore. I use a Canon 400mm L series lens too, which helps to bring out the detail in distant objects!

  3. Dear Paul,
    I’m working with East Grampian Coastal Partnership on development of a new green tourism website for the area. We are including a section on whales on the website and were wondering if we could please use these (amazing!) photos? Obviously we can provide credit/you can copyright photos as you wish.
    You can read about the work of the partnership here: (nb green tourism website is still being developed, and will be separate from this website).
    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you

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